Gifted Hands and the Freshman Retreat

Gifted Hands was a movie based on a life that had gone through struggles and hardships, but had learned how to overcome his past and exceed people’s expectations for him. During the freshman retreat, I learned how to do this myself. That day taught me how to be accepting of other people and their past, especially accepting myself.  The movie and the retreat both are ways of showing us how to make good decisions that will benefit other people and yourself, but most of all, what is morally right. In the movie, Ben had risked his career to save a man’s life. Some might say this is wrong. What if something goes wrong and the man isn’t saved at all, and maybe has to suffer more? Ben had made the choice to save someone’s life, even if that meant losing his job that he had worked so hard to get. He had also saved the life of a girl that was suffering from 100 seizures a day.  I believe that this is a great story to show how someone can show everyone who had doubted him, that anything is possible and that you can achieve anything if you work hard enough and have integrity.


Ben Carlson


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