1. Why should you learn how to handle difficult

I should learn how to handle difficult customers because my first job will most likely work in costumer service.  In every business there will be at least one difficult customer you will have to work with, so learning how to deal with them is great.

2. Name the six different types of disagreeable

The argumentative customers that seem to look for problems. The impatient customers that show verbally and non verbally that they are tired of waiting. The leave-me-alone customers that don’t want any assistance or advice. The irritable/moody customer that will be upset over something. The insulting costumers that are rude. The complaining customers that seem to never be happy.
3. Give an example of an impatient customer.

Someone that doesn’t like to wait and will get irritable. For example, a receptionist in a pediatrician’s office has to deal with parents that think their kids should be first to get an appointment.
4. Give an example of an irritable/moody

A girl that goes into a tanning salon, and has different moods every time. And when shes irritable a warm hello isn’t going to make her feel any better.
5. Give an example of a complaining customer.

A complaining customer is complaining about something and it usually has a reason. The complaining customer may be someone buying insurance.

6. Give an example of a suspicious customer.

A suspicious customer won’t easily trust the worker and ask many questions. Such as a person using a pool being suspicious if they will be charged for using extra towels.
7. Give an example of a dishonest customer.

A dishonest customer may steal or for example, buy a dress, use it, then return it to get the money back.


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