Constructive Criticism

I have gotten a lot of constructive criticism this weekend at my soccer games.  For example, the coach was teaching me a new position so I needed lots of help learning what exactly to do. I asked what I could do that would make me better, and he said that I needed to not be so scared to go to the ball and to be open when the midfielder is ready to pass. This helped a lot and I smiled and said thank you. This was constructive criticism because the coach set aside a little time to talk to me about this at half time and this required both immediate action and it was simply something that I had to work on and I would get better at it with time.

Anna asked me for constructive criticism about soccer and I said, “I’ll tell you after the game okay?” After the game we both sat on a bench and I told her to kick less with her toes because when she did the ball didn’t really go anywhere. She said, “Okay thanks.” This was a way to bring the message across and it was very effective.

I also got constructive when I was getting ready for the homecoming dance. Kendall helped me by giving me constructive criticism when my hair looked bad at first because the curls were all different styles she told me this at dinner because I don’t think she wanted to embarrass me in front of my date. I thanked her and fixed my hair. I think she told me at the perfect time and she helped me a lot.

I learned a lot from this and I know this will help me a lot in the future.  Constructive criticism is an honest and effective way to get to be a better person, employee, or athlete.  I’m glad that I have gotten the chance to learn about how to receive and give criticism. My examples are not direct communication because with all situations we set aside time and most didn’t involve immediate action.


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