No matter what, we are always gaining new skills, or getting better at something. You don’t notice yourself getting better at something usually. But in this class, you are forced to take a step back and be proud of yourself for your accomplishments.  That’s why I’m making this blog. Whether it’s new things I learned, like in math, or getting better at skills, like typing, I’m always getting better.


Reflection on the Hiring Process

Creating a cover letter and resume will definitely help me in life. It taught me what the important things are that people want to know when they are looking for someone to hire. During the hiring process, I thought the interviews went well. My group did a good job presenting interviews in different situations. It made me nervous just recording a fake interview so, I can’t imagine what it would be like to go into an actual interview. I think I’d be ready now, after doing this, for a real interview. I now know to go into the interview with confidence and a good “selling” image. For an interview it’s good to be prepared and have a few answers ready, but not to completely overthink it. Always know your strengths and be open and confident about them. Be confident about your weakness also, show it in a good light. For my interview I said that I didn’t like germs, and that was my weakness. I showed this in a good light by explaining what I do to make sure everything is in a healthy environment, and that being a job with kids, could be a good thing! In conclusion, the hiring process can be tiring, but in the end it will be worth it, if you got the job or not, you will learn lots more.  

Skills Practice: Handwriting

I have done a lot of free writing lately and writing poems and I think this has improved my writing skills because now I can write down what’s on my mind with it still looking acceptable. Alyssa said that my handwriting on a scale from one to ten is a 8.5