My Letter on Non-Profit Organization



Assignment: What Kind of Letters Have You Written?

1. What are the differences between A1 and A2?

A1 would be informal and casual. You don’t need a specific format usually and you can have open punctuation. It would be friendly and have a tone reflecting your mood. In A2 it would be formal, your tone would usually have to be neutral, and you could have open or closed punctuation. 

2. What are the differences between B1 and B2?

B1 would be definitely written in a neutral tone, it would have a letterhead of course and would not have any errors. B2 would be the same. Very formal and business like.   

Review Questions:

1. Explain standard formatting.

Standard formatting is a conventional way of formatting a letter. A way a reader expects.

2. What is parallel structure?

This is when certain elements of a letter are similar and seem to be set in a pattern.

3. How does a block-style letter differ from
modified-block-style letter?

They are different because they have the date and signature in different places and with different spacing. They both flush the left margin, however and don’t use indentations. 

4. List the seven common elements of letters.

• date
• inside address
• salutation
• body
• complimentary close
• signature
• notations

5. What is the difference between open
punctuation and mixed punctuation?

Mixed punctuation is a style that has punctuation after the salutation the complimentary close. Open punctuation is a style in which there is no punctuation after the salutation or complimentary close.

6. List the three additional elements that may be used in a business letter.
Inside address, date line and salutation.
7. What is a postscript?
It is information included after the signature.
8. Describe a memo and its purpose.
It is a printed in office form of communication, this gives the recipient a hard copy to record.
9. Related to formatting, what is an e-mail
similar to?
A printed memo.
10. What is netiquette?
Netiquette is internet etiquette. 


What I Will Be Doing Is Bus. Com This Month

“Business Letter (enclose your brochure), Interoffice Memorandum (attach a press release), MS Access Report (refer to recorded fundraiser results), and S-A-R-I-E Proposal (persuade board to support your request for space and staff).” This seems reasonable. I’m worried I don’t understand what all of these are but I will learn soon. This week I plan to finish my brochure, for sure.